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Charles Finch (Born August 7 1952) is an American singer and musician. He’s fame began when he joined the band ‘The Lighters’ and became its lead singer. Finch was born in Denton Texas where he attended the University Of North Texas College Of Music. His father was a farmer in an area which had high demand for crops. From an early age, Finch was able to display an aptitude and love for music in particular the bass guitar. His goal in life was to pursue a career in music and took part in various local gigs and was hired on cruises here and there.

His early groups were made of a mixture of rock and jazz groups such as ‘Fist Bumps’. His big break through came when he was with the rock bad, ‘Good Poison’. In 1978, he moved to Los Angeles where he and two of his close friends formed the famous rock group, ‘Good Poison’. They went on to win six Grammy Awards and sold many Best-selling albums. The song, ‘Take Me to the Underworld’ from their last album ‘Free’ is one of the most played songs on the radio of all time. In 1985, he released his first solo ‘Crying in the Rain’. The song paved way to a very successful solo career. The group ‘Good Poison’ has only appeared once after that in 2007 where they re-united to play charity gigs and did a single short tour. Finch has tried out various types of music from jazz to classical rock. To him, music doesn’t have to be limited to a certain aspect.

His first solo performance came in 1981 where he performed in the Dallas City Performance Hall. In 1987, he founded the Homeless people foundation in Dallas with his second wife Joan Riley and James Strong, who was a scout leader in Boston at the time. He is a member of Dynasty International.

In 1983, Charles Finch was involved in a major controversy that saw him and his first wife separated. After a performance in Houston, Finch and members of his crew went backstage where they hang out with a few fans who were mostly young girls. One of the girls dared finch to suck down a girl on her vagina’s lips, and it was reported that he ended up performing the dare. Although Finch strongly denied this accusation, the fans that were backstage with him all claimed that he actually did it, and this led to him getting arrested and charged with public indecency for which he paid a hefty fine.

As well as music, he has acted in films such as, ‘The Birds From The East-End’ (1980), ‘We Are Many’ (1982), ‘Lonely Warrior’ (1986), ‘Waiting For The Sunshine’ (1988), ‘Two Caves’ 1991, and most recently, ‘The Four Kings’ (1998). In 2006, he was awarded with a Grammy Award for his hit single ‘The Riverbed’ which was the number one hit single in the Billboard top charts for one month. His last album ‘Steps to an End’ sold over 1 million copies in America alone and 20 million copies worldwide.

His first wife was Mary Lane and they were married on 11th April 1976. Together, they had two children before separating in 1983. He then married Joan Riley in 1992 and with Riley, he had another three children with whom they live with together today in the suburbs Los Angeles California.

The Real Life of Charles Finch

Charles Finch is an American author and a critic to literature. He was born in 1980, in New York City and lived with his grandparent Anne Truitt, an American artist. Charles Finch majored in English and History from Yale University. He is also a holder of a master’s degree in Renaissance English Literature from Oxford’s Merton College. He is the author of Charles Lenox series that is a historical mystery. Charles also writes book reviews for the USA Today, Chicago Tribune and New York Times. Charles Finch is great fan of George Orwell, David Lodge, Bill Bryson and Dick Francis, who are great writers. He loves nothing more than relaxing in his study room with a cup of tea, a roaring fire and a good book. Charles lives in Chicago.

His first novel to be published was A Beautiful Blue Death. The book was first released by St. Martin’s Minotaur in June 2007 and has now been translated in German and Russian. It was nominated for the Agatha Awards for best first mystery of 2007. In the same year, the novel was also named one of the Library Journal’s Best Books among a list of five mystery books. In this book, Charles tries to solve a murder. His neighbor and a lifelong friend lady Jane Grey draw him into a new case by making a special request for his help. Grey’s former housemaid, Prudence is dead in an apparent suicide. The motive behind her death proves elusive.

The second novel to be published in his series was The September Society in 2008. In the novel, a student at Lincoln College went missing. Charles Lenox was engaged by his mother to solve the mystery of his disappearance. Lenox went back to his alma mater to get together the clues in his kidnapping case and upon the discovery of the body, becomes a murder investigation. This eventually made Lenox go back to London. Here, he met his childhood friend and a next door neighbor Lady Jane. Their evolving friendship and potential romance made him figure how he could make Jane feel if they were allowed to make out for just a few minutes. At times he could find himself thinking how to boost ejaculation load just to please Jane. Charles could never imagine failing Jane if he was given a chance. In addition, the novel introduces a young wastrel aristocrat known as Lord John as apprentice to Lenox.

The first contemporary novel by Charles Finch was The Last Enchantments. It was published by St. Martin’s Press in 2014. In this novel, Charles narrates the story of an American graduate student Will Baker and his relationship he had with his friends during his stay at Oxford University. The book gives their life through a tumultuous academic year at the fictional Fleet College.

Charles finch brings every character to life with striking effectiveness as the try to struggle with class issues, academics, the political environment and their future. This shows how university life is nostalgic and contemplative. He portrays people’s lives when their decision is freighted with external consequences.

Mysteries Surrounding the Life of Charles Finch

Charles Finch who was born in 1980, is an American author and literary expert. His outstanding series of mystery novels set in Victorian era England have been applauded world over.

Finch was born in New York City. He moved on from Phillips Academy and Yale University where he majored in English and History. He likewise holds a graduate degree in Renaissance English Literature from Merton College, Oxford.

He had a basically a great child hood full of joy. In addition to other things, his parents separated when he was still young, and he fell seriously sick around his tenth birthday, passing up a great opportunity for basically a year of life. However, he surely was an avid book lover.

He got that from his mom and maternal grandma, Mary Truitt and Anne Truitt, both of whom were splendid readers and acquainted him with books that still, he really adores up until now– The Wind in the Willows, the Narnia arrangement.

He had a prompt dedication to the voice and the quiet solace of British fiction, which is likely why he composes a series of books set in Victorian London, notwithstanding him being American. Up to this point, in the previous three or four years say, he has moved on to different areas of writing.

His Interests…

He won’t always have his pen in hand to craft the next mystery novel best seller. He was at first uninterested in online networking, and now it’s gotten to be one of his biggest delights from composing the series, particularly the fans on Facebook. He says they are so brilliant and well read and have such intriguing criticism on the book.

All in all, what does he cherish doing in his leisure time?

He spends his time off by walking his dog and he loves it! He loves to peruse, play music, watch games, travel, the typical things people do. He additionally adores watching cooking shows, and can cook a bit on his own. Unfortunately, he can’t bake at all.

A homicide mystery can be somewhat dreary for him, so some tea or a nicely roasted chicken by the blazing fire at home can give him some rest from that. A feeling of solace and much needed change.

He first ever published novel, A Beautiful Blue Death, brought into the lime light the gentleman Charles Lenox. The book was named one of Library Journal’s Best Books of 2007 and was nominated for the Agatha Award for best new mystery of 2007.

The Real Life of Charles Finch

Charles Finch is an American author born in 1980 in New York City. Though he has been to many different places, currently he lives in Oxford, England where he spends most of his time reading, writing and walking his dog. As it goes that the apple does not fall far away from the tree, he is the grandson of the famous American writer and artist, Anne Truitt. He is an author as well as a writer of book reviews for the USA Today, New York Times and the Chicago Tribune. Finch is a huge reader and likes literary and mystery fiction. Some of his favorite writers are Henry Green, Bill Bryson, David Lodge, Dick Francis and George Orwell among others.

He has contributed to literature in his novels as well as literal critics. In his early years, Finch studied at Phillips Academy where he graduated and went to Yale University. While at the university, he majored in English and History. After his degree, Finch furthered his studies in Merton College, Oxford where he obtained a master’s degree in Renaissance English Literature.

Finch wrote the Charles Lenox mysteries and his first novel was “A Beautiful Blue Death”. This book got nominated for the Agatha Award in the category of best new mystery in 2007 and was shortlisted as one of Library Journal’s Best Books during the same year. Finch wrote his second historical mystery that featured the Charles Lenox character in 2008, The September Society. In 2009 he wrote The Fleet Street Murders which got nominated for the Nero Award. His fourth Lenox mystery, A Stranger in Mayfair came out in 2010. In the months of November of 2011, 2012 and 2013, he released A Burial at Sea, A Death in the Small Hours and An Old Betrayal, respectively. All the seven books were published by a division of St. Martin’s Press known as St. Martin’s Minotaur.

However, Finch has also written contemporary novels with his first being The Last Enchantments which was published in 2014. In addition, he has also written for the Slate and The New York Times, as well as book reviews. In the same year, he was the finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Balakian Award.

Charles maintains an active social life whereby you can find him on Facebook ( where he posts excellent book reviews. He is also on Twitter ( He has written many books and is still continuing to write great books which some such as Home by Nightfall are scheduled to be released in 2016.